100% renewable energy across all our branches

Operations & Sustainability

It’s done, we’ve made the switch to 100% renewable energy! As you know, we love creating sustainable solutions for our customers, but feel it’s equally important to reduce our own carbon footprint. Newcastle was our last branch to make the move and it feels good.

Not all ‘green’ energy tariffs are as renewable as others, we discovered. We sought out suppliers that provide real renewable energy. Electricity from Good Energy (a fellow Event Partner with albert) comes solely from solar, wind and water-powered sources from around the UK. And whilst <10% of UK gas supply comes from renewable sources (most tariffs are merely offsetting the carbon emitted) we have contracted with Engie who offer gas supply solely from biogas generated in UK anaerobic digesters.

Our customers also benefit from this switch to renewable electricity and gas supply. It means all our battery lights (most importantly our battery tower lights) are charged on renewable energy and have zero emissions. Also, in using our green-loop EcoPod waste management solution, the food waste goes to anaerobic digesters, helping create the renewable biogas to fuel our heating systems. Ah, it’s all lovely and circular.


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