Location One becomes carbon neutral on journey to net zero

Operations & Sustainability

We have worked with albert to become carbon neutral. But not content to simply neutralise our CO2 emissions (and very wary of green wash), we are still working hard to reduce them.

Completing our carbon footprint was the first step in the journey. Getting on the scales was hard but there’s so much truth in the adage ‘you can’t control what you can’t measure’. It was an eye-opening exercise. We chose albert’s Creative Offsets scheme, run by Natural Capital Partners, because their programmes are independently monitored and the funds paid actively contribute to reducing current and future carbon emissions.

As a business, we already operate on 100% renewable energy supplies, recycle our waste and promote sustainable behaviour in our staff but – let’s be frank – that’s all low hanging fruit. Now comes the hard work (and investment) needed to reduce more challenging emissions, notably fuel burned transporting our heavy equipment to and from customer sites, and our employees’ commute to work. Whilst we keep a keen eye on the electric and hydrogen vehicle sectors the technology isn’t quite there yet for us. So we will take more feasible projects across the line e.g. efficient driving initiatives and energy and water monitoring projects.

We also promise to keep working with our customers to reduce the carbon impact of filming on location. We already use renewable diesel in all our engine-powered equipment and supply low carbon products like battery tower lights and battery stores. We also offer location mats in place of disposable correx floor protection.

Our Head of Sustainability, Carly Hardy, said “Reducing our carbon footprint is a core duty of the business and is part of Location One’s purpose. Having addressed much of the low hanging fruit, we’re now working through continuous improvement projects to reduce our carbon output further. It will take time, but as we do, we’re proud to partner with ALBERT and Natural Capital Partners to offset our emissions in a way that genuinely helps.”

Will Bourns, Sustainability Analyst at ALBERT said “It’s great to see Location One take real responsibility for their emissions and be so transparent about their plans to reduce them. We are proud to have them as an event partner and as an albert carbon neutral supplier.”


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