Air cooling for all eventualities available at a moments notice...

We have various cooling solutions for you for when the sun comes out or when the big lights come out and heat up the set to excruciating temperatures. We have experience with cooling edit suites, sets, open studio spaces, eze ups, trailers, the list goes on…

Cool Air

  • Studio Fan

    Industrial sized fan for cooling large areas and warehouses. Air Raid moves a continuous stream of air with ease using a seven bladed, 50cm diameter fan powered by a 780w motor. Variable output from 1400m3/hr to 9100m/3hr. Size: 960 x 435 x 850mm.

  • Large Studio Air Con

    Ideal for spot-cooling studio space. Comes with up to 9 metres of ducting.

  • Medium Domestic Air Con

    Perfect for domestic-sized rooms and holding areas. These machines are often used to cool edit suits and OB units.

  • Breezair Evaporative Cooler

    Evaporative coolers are perfect for when it is difficult to duct hot air away from the area that you wish to cool e.g. studio. In an evaporative cooler, such as Breezair, a pump circulates water from a reservoir tank to the top of absorbent cooling pads. The pads become saturated with water as the water descends by gravity back into the tank. Powerful centrifugal fans draw warm air from outside through the wet pads. As the air passes through the pads it is cooled by evaporation and the cooled air is then circulated around the building. The main advantage to using an Evaporative Cooler is that there is no need to duct away any warm air. So the headache of having to find an open door / window nearby disappears.

  • Revolutionary Silent Air Con

    Via our Manchester depot we have been working with a Northern based air conditioning company to bring to market a totally silent air conditioning system suitable for the rigours of the Film world. Exclusively available through Location One these incredible units will cool your set down in complete silence. Not even the soundman will hear them.

  • Hurricane’ Evaporative Cooler

    We have imported these units in from Europe, they have been a huge hit. The size of a ‘domestic’ sized air con unit they blast out water cooled air without the need for ducting. Perfect for cooling rooms on sets, on location, in eze ups…