Our Net Zero Journey

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There's a net zero mission underway (ultimate goal: save the planet) and we're one of many taking on the challenge.

We have made a commitment to accurately measure our carbon footprint and implement a transparent and science-based plan that achieves net zero emissions.

There's other stuff to consider along the way, like looking for opportunities to return valuable nutrients to the soil (think waste water and materials) and eliminate the use of single use plastics.

Our approach is simple:

Step 1:

Measure our emissions footprint

Step 2:

Work like crazy to reduce our emissions

Step 3:

Neutralise emissions we really can't avoid by investing in projects and initiatives

Our carbon footprint

Completing our carbon footprint was the first step in our journey. Getting on the scales was hard but there’s so much truth in the adage ‘you can’t control what you can’t measure’. It was an eye-opening exercise.

100% renewable energy

We made the switch. All our branches run on 100% renewable energy sourced from reputable green energy suppliers.

Net zero action plan

We have a net zero action plan. Our plan focuses on how to reduce emissions that derive from our most carbon intense activities, such as driving, branch energy / water usage and waste.

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"We have joined the band of stubborn climate optimists"

Carly Hardy | Head of Sustainability

Products to support your net-zero journey

We love to innovate and what better reason than to save the planet. Get in touch with us in pre-production and we can talk you through our range of products and services that contribute towards a net zero emission shoot.

Net Zero Products


To find out more about our plans or for a general chat about all matters environmental, give us a call.