Sustainable Solutions

Our Net Zero Journey

We love to innovate and what better reason than to save the planet.

Get in touch with us in pre-production and we can talk you through our range of products and services that contribute towards a net zero shoot.

Low Carbon Zero Waste

Enabling a sustainable shoot


Low carbon, zero waste appraisals

Don't know where to start? We can carry out low carbon, zero waste appraisals for your shoot. The appraisals are based around our products but if you want to try something different, we are all ears. We love to collaborate with other suppliers and consultants.


Green Power Design

Want to reduce your reliance on diesel generators? We can design a green power solution to minimise diesel generator run hours. Using monitoring software to assess energy peaks and troughs, we can swap out oversized generators and integrate battery stores.


Training and handholding

Need crew training and handholding on our low carbon products? Not a problem. We do remote or on-site training plus we can assist with green memos and communications. And we are always available on the phone for tips and advice.



Information is power, right? We engage with you throughout the shoot, providing meaningful feedback and reports on recycling and carbon data. This allows you to monitor performance, tweak processes and change behaviour long before the final wrap. And we're always at the ready with key info needed to satisfy environmental certification such as Albert.

Want to try something special?

We partner with companies that are developing cutting edge, low carbon products and supply chains. We love to collaborate and we love a pilot.

Our products and services in action

Green power

First rule of sustainable energy is to use energy efficiently. We help you choose correctly sized generators (ensures optimum fuel efficiency) and can pair them with smart battery store technology for even lower fuel consumption. Any fuel you do use will be renewable diesel, as this is the only type of diesel we put in our machines. We also do hybrid generators (battery store is integrated into the engine chassis) for 'plug in and play'.

20KW Battery Store Edited

Circular waste solutions

Our EcoPod allows crews to segregate waste into streams for proper recycling. We have a vetted supply chain of waste management companies who do amazing things like turning your crew's left-overs into biogas and their used Vegware into soil conditioner. The benefits aren't limited to landfill diversion and CO2 savings but include kick-starting and supporting sustainable waste supply chains in the UK. What's more, it lets you understand the volume and type of waste you are producing and drives more sustainable procurement.


Sustainable lighting

Charged at our depots on a 100% renewable electricity tariff, our battery tower lights are the lighting product of choice for a low carbon shoot. We're talking minimal CO2 emissions and no nasty local air pollutants (no NOx, fine particulates and CO emissions). All this and silent running too.

Not ready to go full-on battery? We also offer hybrid tower lights that have a small engine and an integrated battery.

Battery Store Tower Light Zero Emission

Reusable location protection

We've seen a massive move away from correx, which makes our day. Whilst correx can be recycled it doesn't compare with reusable location mats. Like all our hire products, our mats have been chosen for their durability and can be used time after time. Make the switch and ditch the correx.

Reuseable Location Mat

Renewable diesel

Reducing energy demand and efficient use of energy should be the prime focus of any energy project, but as a next step the fuel chosen to meet residual energy demand should be green, clean and safe.

Our renewable diesel is just that. It is in the main part waste-derived i.e. made from used cooking oil, animal fat and vegetable oils. It reduces lifecycle CO2 emissions by up to 90% (compared with fossil fuel diesel) and has low NOx, particulate matter and CO emissions, meaning better local air quality. It's the only fuel that we put in our machines and diesel bowsers.

Renewable Diesel
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"There's a net zero mission underway and we're one of many taking on the challenge"

Crispin Hardy | Founder

At Location One we have made a commitment to accurately measure our carbon footprint and implement a plan that achieves net zero emissions...

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